UTILIZE GREEN PLANTAINS to CREATE FOOD THAT IS nutritious, DELICIOUS, AND free of common food allergens.

Our goal is to spread positivity with each tortilla sold.

A portion of every dollar is donated to our three favorite charitable and research organizations: FARE, UNICEF and the Hispanic Federation.

A message from our Co-founder:


             When I was 10 years old, my mom taught me to read and understand a nutrition label while standing in the middle of a Kroger’s aisle. Even though this impromptu lesson was to help me earn a Girl Scout Badge, it ended up impacting me long after I retired my scout sash. 17 years later, I live a mostly plant based and gluten-free lifestyle because it makes me feel my best!

              While I believe that people are well intended and good at heart (always trying to keep that optimistic, some would even say ‘positive’ outlook 😉), I began to notice that a lot of gluten-free and other “healthy” food options didn’t really seem that healthy to me. What could be healthy about eating a product with 30-50 ingredients?? And just because its “natural” doesn’t mean I want to eat cane sugar. As an adult, I found myself standing in the middle of the grocery aisle yet again inspecting health food labels and realizing there was a disconnect between what I deemed healthful and what the health food industry said qualified. Sure, I want my gluten-free food to taste like their gluten filled originals, but not if it means compromising my health and digestion.

              My Mom and I were always on the hunt for alternative grain products and recipes. At the end of 2016, my Mom was playing around with cauliflower crust recipes, but wasn’t having much luck. Having eaten plantains in my travels, I suggested that a crust using green plantains might work better. I looked online and found a few plantain bread recipes that called for eggs and oil, among other ingredients. I gave them a try and thought they were alright, but I was curious to see if I could make a plantain bread using vegan and allergen-free ingredients.

             Cut to spending the majority of 2017 in my kitchen recipe testing with green plantains. After a year and a half of trial and error, my initial concept for a plantain based flatbread had morphed into a tortilla made with a few ingredients, easy methods, and a delicious outcome. I was eager to share these tortillas with family and friends that have expressed their longing for gluten-free products that had better for you and less ingredients, all while still tasting great!

             When I saw the kids of these families, aged anywhere from 2-15, gobbling up the tortillas (and let’s face it, if they don’t like something they won’t eat it – no matter how healthy it may be!), I knew these were something special. Seeing their delight in the product led my Mom and I to create Positively Plantain. We can now share these tortillas with even more people that are eager for gluten-free and vegan alternatives that taste just as good-dare I say even better than the food we all grew up with!

I’m positive you’ll go bananas for these tortillas! -- Deanna