Breakfast Quesadillas

Ava of Avacado Eats made delicious-looking and sounding breakfast quesadillas using our Positively Plantain Tortillas. Yum! Scroll below for the recipe!

Breakfast Quesadillas on Positively Plantain Tortillas
breakfast quesadillas will forever have my heart. mainly bc it’s like combing toast with tacos and I freaking love those things!! sweet and savory plantain quesadillas—> 2 @positivelyplantain tortillas warmed on a pan, one stuffed with a soft scrambled egg and topped with avocado and everything bagel seasoning. the other stuffed with banana slices and topped with @rxbar honey cinnamon PB. seriously HEAVENLY 🤯
happy Tuesday y’all!! another summer day and I’m loving not having to go to school😂 my goal is to read a TON this summer so comment or DM your book suggestions! I’m about 50 pages away from finishing “crazy rich asians” and I need to start something new stat😂 hope y’all have a great one❤️❤️


Ava of @avacadoeats


Positively Plantain tortillas.

• 1 Egg

• 1/2 avocado

• Everything but the bagel seasoning (optional)

• 1/2 Banana

RXBar Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter (feel free to Substitute any nut or seed butter)


  1. Whisk one egg and scramble over medium-low heat until cooked.

  2. Heat individual tortillas on a dry pan until slightly browned, pliable, and fully heated.

  3. Cut half of a banana into slices.

  4. Fill one tortilla with scrambled egg and close it then heat for a few more minutes and then top with avocado and Everything Bagel seasoning. In the other tortilla, put nut/seed butter of choice (Ava loves RXBar Honey cinnamon peanut butter) then add banana slices, close, and heat again on both sides. Drizzle with additional nut/seed butter on top of quesadillas.

  5. Serve immediately and enjoy!