Positively Plantain tortillas

are made with only Simple ingredients!

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At Positively Plantain, we keep it simple. Our plantain tortillas are made with simple, high quality ingredients: green plantains, baking powder, and Celtic Sea Salt. That’s it! Why add anything else when these are super delicious and nutritious as is? Click below to learn more about these ingredients and how they benefit you!


Our Mission:

UTILIZE GREEN PLANTAINs to CREATE FOOD THAT IS Nutritious, DELICIOUS, and free of common food allergens.


Our goal (besides creating delicious food) is to spread positivity by giving back 10% of our profit to 3 incredible organizations - One of which is Unidos. 


Plantains are a staple food in Puerto Rico, where people are still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. People were without food, water, home and some lost their livelihood. As you can see in the picture to the right, plantain trees on farms were completely destroyed. We at Positively Plantain give back to the island that gives us so much in return. Click below to learn more and find where you can donate as well. 



A Puerto Rican plantain farm decimated by Hurricane Maria (Via   https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/24/us/puerto-rico-hurricane-maria-agriculture-.html )

A Puerto Rican plantain farm decimated by Hurricane Maria (Via https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/24/us/puerto-rico-hurricane-maria-agriculture-.html)



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Plantains are packed with some powerful vitamins and minerals!

See what makes plantains a positive addition to your health.


And We'll try to ease up on the alliteration. We just get so pumped talking about plantains!


Vegan   Paleo   Gluten-free   Grain-free   Corn-free   wheat-free   Dairy-free   Soy-free   Nut-free   Oil-free

Free of fillers.   Full of flavor!