As a mom with a child who has Celiac’s, it is so hard to find quality gluten-free foods that aren’t made with a ton of corn or potatoes. These taste great and I know my kids are getting lots of vitamins and minerals with each bite.
— - Kelly
These tortillas rock!
— - Nolan, age 7
We thought they were very comparable in texture to a normal tortilla. We give it 6 out of 5 stars!
— -Jenna and her family
I hate bananas, but these are so good!
— - Pam
I’ve eaten a lot of tortillas in my life. So when I say these are good, I mean it.
— - Dave
Y’all are on to something! These would be so good as a quesadilla.
— - Alana
These tortillas are so yummy. These are now my favorite and the tortillas from the store don’t taste as good anymore.
— - Emma, age 14
These are so soft. They remind me of pancakes I ate in Belgium.
— - Stoughton